Jonathan Gonzalez
Director of Operations

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Jonathan Cristian Gonzalez is the Business Development Director here at Liberty Management, Inc. and has been working in the Property Management industry since early 2013.

Having worked in a number of roles that include, maintenance/makeready coordinating, owner/tenant coordinating, and being a showing agent, he has vast amount of experience with the property management world. In his new position, he has been able to expand his knowledge of the industry but now focusing more on working on the business versus in the business. Dealing with the management of projects such as website development, lead generation, marketing, to onboarding material and social media management, the learning never stops.

Jonathan understands that the projects/work he manages/produces are not only a direct reflection of him but a reflection of Liberty Management. Having this mindset creates an unbeatable work ethic. His out of the box thinking sets him apart from others and allows for high quality results.

Jonathan is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers San Antonio Chapter where he continues to gain a vast amount of knowledge from fellow NARPM members and keynote speakers.

During his free time Jonathan likes to work on/produce a number of creative projects that include mixed media art pieces, photography, and blogging.

His future goals include buying his first home, getting married to his partner of 7 years, and taking on a more active lifestyle that consist of regularly going to the gym, bike riding and exploring nature with his dog, a Goldendoodle named Cross.

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