Preparing for Your Move In

All incoming Residents should review the resources found on this page to ensure they are prepared for their move in.

Resources for Moving In


Incoming Resident Move In Process

SECURING THE PROPERTY  FOR MOVE IN - Pay Security Deposit within 24 hours of Application being approved

START OF LEASE AGREEMENT - Rental property will not be held vacant for more than two (2) weeks, unless approved by Liberty Management, Inc.  

LEASE SIGNING - You will receive an email with your lease agreement where you will be able to sign the lease using an electronic signature.

MOVE IN CONDITION REPORT - Your move in condition report must be completed and submitted to Liberty Management within 7 calendar days of the lease commencement date. 

UTILITIES SETUP - Please ensure your power, gas, water, garbage collection, etc. have been connected into your name by the start date of your lease agreement. This will ensure you do not have any disruption of utility services when you move in.

MAILBOX KEYS - To obtain mailbox keys, Residents will need to take a copy of your lease to the post office to request your mailbox keys. Liberty Management does not issue mailbox keys.

To find the post office that services your property call 800-275-8777 or go to the USPS Postal Office Locator.

REQUIRED TENANT LIABILITY INSURANCE - All Tenants are required to maintain property damage liability insurance on behalf of the Landlord and Property Manager. Please ensure to review the available options to you for meeting this lease requirement prior to your move in date. For more information see Required Liability Insurance tile in the resources above.

TRASH SERVICE – Depending on the location of your property you trash collection date may vary. For properties located within San Antonio city limits, you can check your collection date using the following:
For properties located outside the San Antonio city limits, we advise residents to visit their city website for more information regarding trash collection for your area (Helotes, Converse, Universal City, Selma, etc.).

Day of Move-in

On your scheduled move in date you will obtain possession via lockbox at the rental property. To ensure you have the right expectations at the start of your tenancy regarding, we ask you to observe the following:


The Resident Benefits package is not optional and is designed to offset the cost of the following:

POSSESSION GRANTED - please note that possession will be granted once the following has been fulfilled:

  1. Tenancy Start Date - your tenancy start date has commenced, as per your lease agreement, and all parties have signed the lease.

  2. All required moved in funds and documents have been received by our agency. These funds are to include but not limited to:

    • Security Deposit *to include additional deposit and risk mitigation fee if applicable

    • Lease Admin Fee

    • Prorated Rent *to include pet rent and next months rent if applicable

    • Pets Acceptance Fee(s) *if applicable

    • Provided proof of Required Liability Insurance

It is important to note we are unable to issue keys early, or grant access to the property any earlier than the allocated tenancy start date. Under all circumstances we cannot issue any keys earlier than the start date of the tenancy, for legal and security reasons.  

We wish you a successful and enjoyable tenancy in your new residence.