Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Requirements for Vacating Tenants

Everyday tenants just like you move out of their rental home without thinking about the potential fees that could be deducted from their security deposits, only to be unpleasantly surprised at what those fees add up to when (or if) they get any of their security deposit refunded.

The owner of your rental is in business to make a profit renting their real estate. They don’t turn a profit from the cleaning and repair of your rental. Therefore their expectation is to get the property back from you in near perfect condition. Exceptions that fall under normal wear and tear only go so far, and it does not go far enough to cover burned out or missing light bulbs, dirty floors, walls, doors or baseboards, etc.

The following cleaning requirements must be accomplished before vacating the property and the property should be left thoroughly cleaned. Consider using this checklist to ensure you’ve covered all of your responsibilities by check off each item as you complete it. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional to do it, each item must be completed upon vacating. Every item will be examined for completion when we inspect your unit at move-out.

Carpets must be professionally cleaned upon vacating. Call Truckmount to schedule your carpet cleaning. Tell them you are a Liberty Management tenant and you will receive a discount.

Truckmount Steam Clean, LLC
(210) 309-1415

A copy of your receipt must be turned into Liberty Management. If another company is used and carpets are not cleaned to our standards, you risk the chance of having the carpets re-cleaned at your expense.

Remember that all keys, remotes controls and pool cards must be returned to our office and we must have a forwarding address in order to refund your deposit. Also, please keep in mind that your refund will take up to 30 days to be returned. Finally, there may be additional cleaning concerns that are specific to your rental home that may not be covered in this checklist, so be thorough.

Entire Dwelling:

Windows, Glass and Patio Doors:



Light Fixtures / Ceiling Fans:

Walls / Ceilings:

HV/AC Unit and Vents:

Furnace / Water Heaters:


Stove / Range / Range Hood / Bottom of Micro Hood:

Range Hood/ Bottom of Stove must be cleaned THOROUGHLY! The entire surface area, including the eyes and underneath the eyes, the vent hood, the oven and storage area should be clean and free of grease. The drip pans should be replaced. The filter in the vent hood should be removed, washed, dried and put back in place. HINT: Put the filter in the dishwasher and run through a normal cycle.

SELF-CLEANING OVENS NOTE: Do not clean oven racks or other range accessories in self-cleaning ovens. Do not use oven cleaner in self-cleaning ovens, as it will damage the interior surface.




Cabinets and Drawers:

Sink and surrounding areas:






Showers and tubs:

Vanities and cabinets:

Lights, ceiling and ventilation:


Windows & Doors:

Living areas and hallways:

Laundry Area:


Garage / Storage:


Save yourself from a stress headache:
Hire a professional cleaning service!

Our experience has been that after the work and stress of moving out, tenants may be too tired to clean the house. We recommend considering a professional cleaning company. If you hire a professional cleaning service you should provide them a list of what we expect and oversee and inspect their work. You are certainly free to choose any company or use our recommended company:

Glory Cleaning Services Inc.
Phone#: (210) 372-9970

Please be sure to let them know that you rent from Liberty Management to receive discounted pricing.

Good luck with your move!

Possible Cleaning Charges to Security Deposit:

Note: These minimum charges are subject to change at any time without notice.

Clean Carpet $150 + Oven or Stove $75 +
Vent Hood $35 + Replace Range Pans $40 +
Refrigerator $50 + Freezer $20 +
Counters / Cabinets $5 + Toilet $30 +
Drawers / Sinks $5 + Bathtub $30 +
Dishwasher $20 + Mirrors (each) $10 +
Mini-Blinds (each) $20 + Windows (each) $10 +
Vertical Blinds (each) $35 + Floors $30 +
Ceiling Fans $25 + Patio $25 +
Sliding Glass Door $25 + Clean Garage $50 +
Cleaning dirt vent hood $35 + Furniture Removal $100 +
Cleaning walls (per wall) $35 + Vertical Slates $15 +
Re-keying when no keys are returned $95 + Light Bulbs (each) $5 +
Trash Removal from interior of house $65 + Specialty Bulbs (each) $15 +
Trash Removal from exterior of house $65 + Screens $35 +
Wash windows and tracks $20 + Windows $200 +
Cleaning Fireplace $35 + Oven Rack $30 +
Drip Pans (all 4) $45 + Switch Plates (each) $5 +
Light Fixtures $100 + Battery for smoke alarm $10 +
Door Replacement $100 + Blind Wand $5 +
Light Globes $25 + Reinstall Doors on Track $30 +
Toilet Seat $40 + Tub Stopper / Drain Covers $15 +
Service Call / Trip Charge $45 +