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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Winter in San Antonio, TX

System - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

In Texas, you have to prepare for when the weather becomes uncommonly cold. Part of taking care of your rental property is preparing it for cold weather. Today, we’re sharing some easy tips so you can put together a freeze preparation checklist to ensure there are no unnecessary stresses added to your busy winter months.

Lawn Preparation and Maintenance

In the yard, wrap the bushes and trees that may be at risk for dying when a frost hits. Use an old bed sheet for this, and remove the sheets once the temperature stabilizes. Cover all the spigots and disconnect your hoses.

If the driveway, walkway, or stairs get icy, sprinkle sand on the affected areas. Avoid salt; it kills grass and leaves your car a mess.

Preparing Home for a Freeze: Faucets

Inside the home, make sure you wrap the exposed interior pipes under your sinks and drip the faucets throughout the property when the temperature drops to below freezing. When you leave your faucets dripping, you relieve the pressure that builds inside the pipes, and reduce the danger that they might freeze. Keep your heater running to ensure there is a consistent flow of warm air circulating throughout the home. Open cabinet doors so heat can flow freely through all the areas in your home. If you go on vacation, make sure you leave your heat on.

Property Management San Antonio: Additional Tips

Before it gets cold, change your furnace filters and test your heater to ensure it is functioning properly. This will let you know if anything is wrong, and it will preserve the condition of your home’s most expensive system. Set the thermostat at a consistent level, and make sure you know who to contact if there’s an emergency at the property.

As your property managers, we’re here to help you take care of your home. If you have any questions about freeze preparation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Liberty Management. We’d be happy to tell you more.

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