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How to Get Your Security Deposit Back | San Antonio Tenant Help

System - Monday, October 9, 2017

When you move into a rental property, you pay a security deposit to protect the landlord against any unpaid rent or damages left behind. Getting your deposit back is easy as long as you take care of the property and follow the terms of the lease. Today, we’re helping tenants understand what can be done to facilitate an easy security deposit return.


Follow the Move Out Instructions

After you’ve given notice that you plan to move out, make sure you review your move out instructions. On our website you will find the move out checklist, which provides detailed instructions on what we expect the property to look like after you’ve vacated. It’s key to note the importance of turning in the cleaning and carpet cleaning receipts from our preferred vendors at the end of your lease, this will help ensure you’re not charged for those services upon vacating. If you move out and there is an issue with the cleaning or carpet cleaning, we have the ability to send our preferred vendors back out at no additional charge to you so long as you provided us with a receipt from them.

Proper Documentation

Upon moving in, If you notice something wrong with the property, make sure you document those issues. It’s always important to keep a written note and a photograph that supports what you see. If you fail to document what’s wrong, you may be charged for that issue from your security deposit because we have no way of knowing if that damage was there before you moved in or if it was something that happened during your tenancy. Proper documentation will help us quickly issue a security deposit refund.

Report Maintenance Issues

It’s critical that you report any maintenance items immediately. You need to contact us anytime something needs to be repaired or replaced. If you’re unsure if the issue needs to be addressed, ask! Please don’t wait until after you move out, otherwise that repair maybe your responsibility since it was not reported.

We are confident you can get your security deposit back if you follow our simple instructions and maintain the property while you’re living there. We’re very aware of your renter’s rights, and we understand that normal wear and tear is going to happen when someone is living in a property. If you have any questions about security deposits, please contact us at Liberty Management.