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11 Home Maintenance Chores You Should Do Right Now

System - Monday, August 3, 2020

Between hurricane aftermath, scorching temperatures, and COVID-19, the heat is ON in Southeast Texas! With so much on your plate, it can be hard to remember and find time to do what’s necessary to keep your property in good condition.

The hotter months come with a checklist of chores that, if neglected, produce a poor appearance or maintenance problems. Some landlords and owners jump in and take on each task. Others hand it all off to a professional property management company for more peace of mind and to get back some time.  

Either way, keeping your home clean and orderly, inside and out, is essential to protecting your real estate investment. It is also a critical step to maintaining good tenants.


Here are the 11 home maintenance chores you should do ASAP this summer: 

1.Clear debris from the immediate exterior of your residence for fire safety.

2. Properly hydrate your lawn with sprinklers or handheld hoses and watering cans. It’s best to do this in the early morning (5am - 9am), as watering outside those hours can burn the grass or cause lawn disease. Be sure to comply with any water restrictions the city has in place during these hot months. 

3. Ensure your tenants understand if they are responsible for lawn maintenance, and proactively follow up if they do not follow through. A professional property manager can hold the tenant accountable, making this experience more comfortable for you. 

4. Take a few minutes each morning before it’s hotter than a stolen tamale to protect your lawn or weed flower beds and gardens. Don’t wait until it’s out of control.

5. Prioritize problems with tree roots immediately and keep shrubs trimmed to clear walkways and prevent accidents.

6. Monitor your gutters for overflow and poor drainage. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your gutter is clogged!

7. Avoid letting water accumulate in pots or containers, such as animal dishes - this can lead to devastating problems with mosquitoes and other pests.

8. Wash out your garbage can, and at all times, keep the lid secure to avoid unwanted insects or animals.

9. Clean all door and window tracks, so they work well. Urgently complete any maintenance needed for locks or usage.

10. Check to make sure all inside and outside lights are working. If a light still doesn’t work after replacing a bulb, call an electrician to fix the problem.

11. If you have air-conditioning in your home, turn it on to see if it operates correctly and if not, repair it as soon as possible. Replace the air-conditioning filters regularly too.


These obligations are critical to maintaining your property during these hot Texas months. A professional property manager can competently oversee these tasks and save you money on maintenance, making it so much easier for you to maintain your investment. 

If you have any maintenance questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me - I am here to help. Better yet, let me handle it all for you!

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