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Filter Easy

Kevin Knight - Thursday, November 1, 2018

We are always exploring ways to create new programs that will help with the management and protection of your investment property. The newest program is a preventative maintenance program for the most expensive piece of equipment in your property and will help prolong the life of your HVAC System, this program will only apply to investment properties that have a central system that requires a Filter Replacement every month. 

This program will be included in your next new lease or lease renewal and will be paid by the tenant through their rent. The lease amount will increase by $20 to cover the cost of this program, which was already a responsibility of the tenant to replace all the air filters in the home monthly so this is not a new charge, just a new way to handle and control the replacement of those filters.

Please watch the video above for more details about this program and also be sure to check out the below list of Frequently Asked Questions.

For additional questions about this new program please reach out to us via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the program start for my property?

  • New Lease: When your property becomes vacant again we will increase the rent on your property by at least $20 (not to include available market rate increase) to cover the cost of this program for the new incoming tenant.
  • Next Lease Renewal: When your current lease ends and both you and your tenant want to extend the lease agreement we will increase the rent amount $20 (not to include available market rate increase) to cover the cost of this program.

2. What is I want to start now?

  • You can start this filter delivery program at any time before your current tenant’s lease ends, the program cost will be deducted as an expense on your owner's statement & paid using the current lease income.

3. What if I don't want to raise the rent $20?

  • You can raise the rental amount to whatever price you would like in order to offset the cost of all or just some of the program, this program is a benefit to you as much as it is to the tenant.

4. What if I don’t want to raise the rent at all, not even to cover the cost of this program?

  • You don’t have to raise the rent amount for your tenant on the next lease or renewal but the cost of the program will come out of the rental income for the home.

5. How many filters does this program cover?

  • Unlimited amount of monthly filters, corresponding to the amount your system requires monthly, no matter if your home needs 1 filter or 10 filters monthly, the cost of the program is all inclusive.

6. What if my home does not have a common filter size?

  • Our filter distributor has the ability to produce any size filter from the common 20x20x1 to the oversized 20x16x4. All filter sizes are delivered on a Monthly Basis.

7. Who prepares the list of filter(s) sizes needed for my home?

  • Liberty Management, Inc. will locate and collect all the necessary information needed to complete the Filter Delivery Program.

8. What if my home has an electrostatic washable filter?

  • Washable filters are not recommended on rental properties! Having a brand new clean filter in your system monthly is the best filter process to protect your most expensive appliance in your property. Replaceable filters are also able to be tracked with time stamped dates on the filters to know if the filter has been placed in the system in a timely manner.

9. Once my property is started on this service when is the service stopped?

  • The filter delivery is paused when the property goes vacant and is resumed when a new tenant moves in.

10. What is the Quality of the filter being delivered to my property?

  • These filters are 100% made in the USA, using only the highest quality materials. The standard 1” filters are built with a sturdy, moisture resistant cardboard frame. The filter media is made from fine synthetic blends and reinforced with a metal mesh lining to maintain shape. Most importantly, these filters have pleated media, which increases the surface area for maximum filtration.